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About us

Welcome to Echelon Cricket Club

Our Story
Echelon cricket club is a regional community club bringing together culture and sporting passion. It is a home to cricketers who thrive in the sport, relish camaraderie, enjoy playing the game in its utmost spirit while being fiercely competitive to win.

At Echelon Cricket Club, Our team is carefully curated to ensure an even base of batsmen, bowlers and fielders and of course, good sportsmanship and a drive to succeed in competing to win.

ECC boasts of on engaged planning committee tuned to the needs and affairs of club and looking after its member’s playing needs.

Over the years, club several members have performed to notable individual recognitions and awards while maintaining competitive league rankings at team level.

We continue, in our endeavor, to push the envelope every year and are often looking for new expression of interests from new budding players or individuals who have recently moved closer to its base locations. Students are welcome, experience players are welcome – age no bar! Skills while are most important thing, we look to have new members who can culturally fit in our joyful environment of mutual respect but uncompromising in spirit to excel.

ECC has two primary base locations in Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey area which are used for off-season practice sessions.

  • South Jersey Cherry Hill / Voorhees Neighborhood
  • Malvern, Pennsylvania and neighborhood area

The Club also often engages in get-togethers in off season, also providing member’s families to mingle up. Playing XI also debriefs post-match. We emphasize a lot on the participation in these events for team-building.

Our Approach

Our Approach to Cricket


We participate in several leagues like, but not limited to, GPCL 40 overs one-day, GPCL T20, South Jersey T20 Cup and Delaware cup and in process providing ample opportunities to our members during entire summer season

Team Spirit and Sportsmanship

At Echelon Cricket Club, we value the power of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play. We encourage our members to work together as a cohesive unit, building strong relationships and fostering an environment of respect and support as we compete together to excel.

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